Twisting Machine model Twister

Twisting Machine for fancy yarns mod. TWISTER Twisting Machine Mod. TWISTER for fancy yarns in 2 heads element

  • Completely electronic.
  • It winds directly the twisted yarn on cone after having waxed it with a micro motor waxing device.
  • The hollow spindles motors are set separately in motion by the motor that drives the distributing rollers for winding the already twisted yarn: it permits an innumerable range of twists per meter, since it is not necessary to work on belts, pulleys, ...
  • From 9 up to 200 twists per meter.
  • The speed of the hollow spindles motors and the winding speed are adjustable.
  • Cones to be used on the hollow spindles: 6" traverse, 5°57' only.
  • Take up cones: 6" traverse, 5°57' (others upon request).
  • Supplied with 3 electronic sensors for the creel feeding yarns, and with electronic sensors on the yarns from the hollow spindle, that permit the twisting up to 4 plies each head.
  • Automatic stop in case of breakage or lack of one of the plies; when the cone reaches the preset diameter and if too unbalanced cones have been put on the hollow spindles.

Can work as twisting machine, as assembly winder and as cone-to-cone winder.

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