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In the wholesale purchases market today it’s very important to choose a reliable supplier so that there will be no need to worry about the quality and timely delivery of the products bought from them. Besides, it’s quite difficult to choose enterprises that will meet all your requirements when you make a purchase in Italy.
Our team is represented by professional textile agents in the past who have developed from the KORKIN.ORG commercial project to ARC Marche Srl which is a serious partner with warehouses and factories in Italy today. We carefully scrutinise the Italian market for favorable offers each and every day. Our company has long-term contracts with the best warehouses of stock yarn and fabric as well as with the manufacturers of textile equipment.

Our services are intended for:
who own a warehouse
or yarn store.
A wide range of compositions and colors
Warehouse prices
Minimum order value – from EUR 3,000
Assistance in customs clearance of goods
We will help to arrange a delivery on favorable terms
Quick order processing from 2 days
We have been professionally engaged in the organization of wholesale purchases of yarn in Italy over the years, so we have managed to develop from being textile agents in Italy to becoming partners with stock yarn warehouses and factories of Italian yarn. Our team thoroughly studies currently available offers of Italian yarn warehouses and we know exactly what our clients need.
— Evgeny Korkin,
Brambilla Paillettes
Brambilla Paillettes is an Italian company which has 50 years of experience of manufacturing sequins and beads. The company works in cooperation with world wide known fashion houses from Italy and the whole world. Premium quality of yarn with the sequins 3-6 mm or gorgeous beads made by Brambilla Paillettes is used in luxury collections of clothing as well as collections from leaders of yarn manufactory. Uniq offers of Brambilla Paillettes factory will be actual for yarn and clothing manufacturer as well as for accessories manufacturers and retail shops who is selling supply for handmade work.
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Yarn hanks
Wholesale Italian yarn hanks, PREMIUM quality by Tropical Lane. Discover yourself and help your clients discover a collection of yarn hanks of more than 40 color shades made of angora rabbit, super kid mohair, delicate merino wool, alpaca, Egyptian cotton and many other composites that are in demand. We offer favorable and simple business terms and conditions for wholesale buyers directly from the Tropical Lane factory.
STOCK yarn
The best offers of Italian stock yarn directly from our warehouse located in the well-known Marche region in the very center of Italy. Such factories as LoroРiana, Cariaggi, ZegnaBaruffa, LanaGatto, LaneCardate, BiadioliModesto, TitanWool, Natural Fantasy, Botto Giuseppe, SESIA, and many others are among the main yarn items in stock. We do not charge interest as textile agents do which is our key advantage. Our priority is to develop steady, trustworthy business relationships with our clients!
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Regular yarn
Regular yarn made of merino, mohair, angora, etc. is always in demand among clothing manufacturers and skilled knitters. For this very reason, there are suppliers of popular Italian yarn brands that are well-known around the world among our partners in Italy.
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Famous brands! Regular Italian yarn on a regular basis from famous Italian factories specializing in yarn manufacture.
No limits! You can always buy wholesale Italian yarn in any quantity directly from the factory.
Complete selection! A full range of colors (made to order) from the catalogue of Italian factories specializing in yarn manufacture.
Stock service! Offers of wholesale Italian stock yarn from famous factories. The offer is limited, stock service of up to 20% discount from a factory price

Textile equipment manufacturers, in particular, the famous SIMET factory, are also among our partners. Machines are suitable for small stores as well as for specialized enterprises manufacturing yarn and knitwear. We offer you a wide range of winding equipment with different functions: from winders to twisting machines.
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Sales Director
Representative at Italian Exhibitions and Marketplaces
Italian Business Partner Development Representative
Our team
It’s a family business, so we work fast side by side. Every day our team aspires toward ever more favorable and convenient textile agent services as each client is important and valuable to us!
We provide a complete range of wholesale Italian yarn purchase services and work to save your time and money as much as possible. Every day we seek for and find new ways to fully meet your needs in purchases!
We offer two purchase options for you
Online purchase
The most convenient and common option for buying wholesale yarn from stock warehouses in Italy.
Information on prices and availability of yarn in stock;
Taking online orders via WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype;
Orders and deliveries to the RF or CIS countries of your choice.
Personal visit
We recommend a personal visit to Italy for those who make large purchase volumes.
Organization of an arrival in Italy;
Visit to a warehouse for cargo collection and payment;
Orders and deliveries to the RF or CIS countries of your choice.