Yarn hanks

1976-2019 – 43 years of success!

Constant studying of brand new types of yarn and range of colors which is possible thanks to technical specialists who implement their ideas and create new effects is one of the main features of Tropical Lane. So our numerous business representatives around the world have a diversified and ever-expanding catalogue at hand and our company has got access to the key European and international markets: Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Korea. 5,238 stores all around Italy sell yarn hanks by Tropical Lane.

The enterprise has placed huge bets on a separated warehouse service which is the latest method of cooperation between an enterprise and a customer, the factory always keeps considerable reserves in stock of the classic and most demanded types of yarn. The overall area of our warehouse amounts to more than 2,800 square meters, where the reserves are put into storage and the main delivery center is located. So, the delivery speed and the quality of goods are our strong points. Our managerial decisions have made it possible to achieve a sustainable position in the marketplace.

Tropical Lana has set up a laboratory for studying and developing brand new types of yarn where technical specialists implement their ideas by creating new ranges of colors and effects.
More than 40 regular classic units and an additional annual collection in line with global trends.
Tropical Lane yarn is available at factory prices. The manufacturer itself covers all the expenses with regard to the EX WORKS commercial complex.
Tropical Lane has a competitive edge in international markets in Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Korea and now in Russia.

Tropical Lane catalogue
Discover a Tropical Lane collection of wool and cotton: from wool mixture 50% to superfine all-wool or best maco-sateen Egyptian cotton. Our team offers favorable business terms and conditions for wholesale customers who buy yarn hanks.
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